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Wine Club banner, image of red wine glass on a table.


Some Wine Clubs exist to sell off wines they can’t sell. We are not that Club. We sell out of every vintage and we produce wines that score 90+. 
Choose French Traditional Sparkling, still white, rosé and reds, fortified, dessert and late harvest – currently offering 22 wines!

Heard about our wine club pick up event? 

It is the talk among Wine Club lovers. Free to Club members, yes, no kidding here, free!  And you can bring a friend. 

We surprise you with a special evening of wine, canapes and entertainment! Club members meet their friends here and make new friends.
This is 4x a year!


Image of colourful wine bottles.


Ready to become a Club Member?

The hardest part is making a decision of which Club you want to join.
But don’t fret, you can change to a different club, or have more than one club.
We have members that we call the Triple Crown because they belong to three!


Black and white Image of Brenda Hetman-Craig and daughter Alana.

Want a little one-on-one? 

We are your Club Concierge, and we are here to make your Club membership as
comfortable as a glass of wine on a Club chair. 
Give us a call at 855-941-8810 ext 102 or drop us an email at club@40knotswinery.com 

What do our Members have to say?

We asked a couple of our wine club members, what the best part of being a loyal Club member is. 
This is what they had to say:



Don't stop here, you social butterfly:

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