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Are you a specialty liquor store or fine food restaurant, lounge or pub in Canada? 

Do you offer high quality, clean, local wines?  

Then 40 Knots Wines will fit in nicely.  Our wines are vegan and gluten-free with absolute minimum sulphites.  Our grapes are farmed biodynamic and we are sustainable.  Yes, we have won many awards, and have many testimonials from experts, however, our focus is to produce the best wines for the customer to enjoy with family and friends.  

  • Split cases
  • No minimums
  • 100% returns at purchase price on single bottles - yes, we are that confident
  • Strong social media postings
  • Tastings to your staff and customers at no charge
  • Order desk available 7 days/week

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40 Knots Winery, Rose

2020 Rosé

40 Knots Winery, White Seas

2020 White Seas

40 Knots Winery, White Pinot Noir

2020 White Pinot Noir

40 Knots Winery, Open Seas White

2020 Open Seas

40 Knots Winery, Seig White

2020 Seig White

40 Knots Winery, Uncloaked Chardonnay

2020 Uncloaked Chardonnay

40 Knots Winery, Pinot Gris White

2020 Pinot Gris

40 Knots Winery, Auxerrois

2020 Pinot Auxerrois

40 Knots Winery, Gammay

2021 Gamay Noir

40 Knots Winery, 2019 Soleil Rosé

2020 Soleil Rosé

40 Knots Winery, 2019 Spindrift

2020 Spindrift

40 Knots Winery, Gammay

2021 Carambolage

40 Knots Winery, 2017 L'Orange

2019 L'Orange

40 Knots Winery, Tres Emily

2017 Trie Emily

40 Knots Winery, 2016 Safe Haven

2016 Safe Haven

40 Knots Winery, 2010 Stick Shaker

2018 Stick Shaker


2021 Pinot Noir