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Savory Recipes

Oysters with a Sparkling Wine Sauce
January 16, 2018
Fresh raw oysters and sparkling wine are magnificent on their own. However, if you prefer your oysters cooked then this recipe is for you. Pacific Oysters first made and appearance on the table in British Columbia in the 1920's after they were introduced to the coastal waters from Japan. Today between 5000 and 8000 tonnes are harvested in this province every year!
Stall Speed Merlot Buffalo Steak
November 24, 2017
Tender, juicy and lean buffalo steaks with a beautiful Merlot cream sauce.
Stuffed Chicken Breast with White Wine Sauce
February 20, 2018
Home cooked deliciousness.
Tuna and Black Olive Farfalle
June 19, 2017
A gourmet feast to enjoy with a gourmet lover's wine. 40 Knot's L'Orange with the soft tannin structure and Mediterranean flavors pair beautifully in the ancient method natural wine.
Uncloaked Pôchouse
January 23, 2018
Just like being in France, this dish and our Uncloaked Chardonnay wine, will bring back nostalgic memories or inspire daydreams of this beautiful wine region. Bon Appetit!