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Appie and Salad Recipes

Cheesy Spinach and Wine Dip
January 30, 2018
Many parents and grandparents have terrible memories of spinach. That is because 40 years ago it was generally only available in the canned form. Today we can buy fresh spinach and baby spinach year round and it tastes nothing like the bitter vegetable that older generations despised. Here it is used in a wonderful cheesy dip, served warm - a great way to stave off the winter blues.
Coffee Butter
June 26, 2017
Coffee Butter? You have got to try this to believe the deliciousness that is going to dance on your palate. Enjoy with fresh breads, spread it on cake or loaves, or even add a dollop to your grilled steak. The tannins of the coffee pair perfectly with red wines and meats.
Local's Mignonette for Fanny Bay Oysters
April 22, 2021
Savor Fanny Bay Oysters with Chef Ronald's Mignonette Sauce brought to you by Local's, the Restaurant at the Old House. https://localscomoxvalley.com/ http://www.fannybayoysters.com/
Steamed Mussels
June 18, 2017
There is evidence that mussels, or moules as they are known in many parts of the world, have been served in gourmet feasts since the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. This is a simple dish that is guaranteed to please.