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Image of tables with wine bottle setup for wine class.

Join us for our popular beverage classes and discover the world of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.   

Alumni (those who complete all 4 wine classes) receive a Graduation Gift and an exclusive invitation to Alumni Blind Wine Tastings held monthly.

Class of Styles

Where Old World meets New World, and how grape growing methods, wine styles, and terroir affect the wine.  And yes, of course, you will get practical experience in this class.  2 hours. 

$50 per student

Perfect Pairings

40 Knots Winery, Pairing Perfectly

Ever feel overwhelmed with all the wine choices to pair with your food?  Learn the do's and dont's in the marriage between wine & food.    2 hours. 

$60 per student

Service & Cellar

40 Knots Winery, Wine Cellar and Service

How do I age wine, is this bottle at prime to drink, what glass do I use, what is the punt for at the bottom of a champagne bottle, why did the wine maker choose a Bordeaux bottle over a Burgundy bottle?  2 hours.

$50 per student

Sensory Class

40 Knots Winery, Weekly Wine Class

Join us for a condensed hour of class with tastings.  Learn all about sensory tasting so you can taste like the pro's.  You may even emerge with the ability to successfully identify wines in blind tastings. 1 hour.

  $35 per student


Specialty Cocktails

In this hands-on class you'll learn about techniques and ingredients to make many classic and new cocktails.  Every class will feature different cocktails!  2 hours.

$60 per student

Group Classes

Hire us for a private group class or even a series of classes.  These are popular for pre-wedding get-togethers, corporate events and staff appreciation events.  Email for pricing. 

Minimum group size is 12.