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Join us for our popular wine classes and discover the world of wine,
how to pair, and how to cellar and serve.   

A Class of Class 

40 Knots Winery A Glass of Class

Where Old World meets New World, and how grape growing methods, wine styles, and terroir affect the wine.  And yes, of course, you will get practical experience in this class.  2 hours

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Pairing Perfectly 

40 Knots Winery, Pairing Perfectly

Ever feel overwhelmed at all the wine choices to pair with your food?  Ever have some hits and some misses and wonder why?  Learn the do's and dont's in the marriage between wine & food.  Yes, it is hands on and includes sips and bites.  2 hours 

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Wine Cellar and Service 

40 Knots Winery, Wine Cellar and Service

How do I age wine, is this bottle at prime to drink, what glass do I use, what is the punt for at the bottom of a champagne bottle, why did the wine maker choose a Bordeaux bottle over a Burgundy bottle?  Sip through the questions to get the answers.  2 hours 

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Weekly Wine Class 

40 Knots Winery, Weekly Wine Class

Join us for a condensed hour of class with tastings.  Experience why temperature matters, how to identify tannins, acids, sweetness, alcohol and wine making methods.  1 hour

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