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Highly Social Events

Image of business man drinking sparkling wine while standing at the bar.

Cocktails Style

Our cocktail style set up is available both in the LOUNGE, CELLARHALL, and VINEYARD TERRACE.  We can accommodate from 2 people to 150 people in this style of set-up.

What is a Cocktail style?  Tall tables and wine barrels are carefully scattered around the room.  There are no chairs.  This is a highly social event that promotes lots of movements, interactions and networking at all times.  Tables allow short group meetings, and a place to set a glass of wine or cocktail, and canapés.  Also a great place to put any small promotional information.  Background music is often played. 

Use this set up before a celebration begins or after business ends.

Common type of events for Cocktail style are:

  • Networking
  • Drop-ins (let me buy you a drink)
  • Gathering to make an announcement
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Before dinner cocktails


Why Cocktail Styles work:

Whether your party knows each other or not, they will know a lot about each other after your great cocktail party at 40 Knots.  This is where people bond, make deals, and have face-to-face.  Out of all the set-ups, this one warms up the crowd.  A Boardroom style is set up for collaborative style of meetings.  Everyone is at an even seat.  There is plenty of room between chairs to bring laptops and books.  Boardroom set up allows for face-to-face discussions, and promotes interaction between attendees.

When it doesn’t work:

You may want to choose a different style if you want to do a presentation or have a discussion.  Drinks in hand, attendees will be focused on the person directly next to them.


Dinner Style

 Our dinner style set up is available in the LOUNGE, CELLARHALL, TASTING ROOM and VINEYARD TERRACE.  We can accommodate from 2 people to 150 people in this style of set-up.

What is a Dinner style?  Dinner style has attendees seated around the table, and the table is usually set with linens and table centers.  This style allows for movement for service around the tables, and give the attendees comfortability and ease of interaction.  Although often this style is for brunch, lunch and dinner, it can used when you have people working in groups of 8 or less, or more social presentations where only one side of the round table is seated.  Background music is often played.

We recommend a greeter at the door.

Use this set up after cocktails.

Common type of events for Cocktail style are:

  • Networking
  • Gathering to make an announcement
  • Customer Appreciation
  • After Cocktails


Why Dinner Styles work:

Whether you are hosting a meal or making an announcement, dinner set-ups put attendees at ease.  It is a familiar setting for relaxing and socializing, and represents the family table.  All attendees are equals, and face-to-face allows for the best interactions.  This style allows you to control the selection of guests to tables.

When it doesn’t work:

Often those seated at the table do not mingle with others not at their table.  As well, if all sides of the table are seated, some backs may be to the presenter.


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