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Getting Down to Business

Image of tables set with rows of wine bottles for wine class.

Boardroom Style

Our boardroom style set up is available both in the LOUNGE, CELLARHALL, TASTING ROOM and VINEYARD TERRACE.  We can accommodate from 2 people to 60 people in this style of set-up.

What is a Boardroom style?  It is a meeting space with one long table in the middle of the space and surrounding chairs.  Sometimes one end is left open if there is a presenter or use of visual equipment.

Common type of events for Boardroom style are:

  • Client Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Client Presentations
  • Hiring Interviews
  • AGM’s
  • Committee Meetings
  • Non-Profit Meetings


Why Boardroom Styles work:

A boardroom is set up for a collaborative style of meetings.  Everyone is at an even seat.  There is plenty of room between chairs to bring laptops and books.  Boardroom set up allows for face-to-face discussions, and promotes interaction between attendees.

When it doesn’t work: 

You may want to choose a different style if you have a large group, as your attendees may strike up separate conversations and chaos will ensue.  It is difficult to get everyone’s attention and may feel like herding cats.  It also may be difficult for attendees to hear the person speaking. 

Classroom Style

Our classroom style set up in available both in the LOUNGE and VINEYARD TERRACE.  We can seat up to 25 in the lounge and 50 in the Vineyard Terrace in this style of set-up.

What is a Classroom style?  It is a meeting space set up like a classroom with tables that act as desks.  The attendees sit at one end, sharing the table, and all attendees face towards the front of the room.  At the front of the room is a speaker with a podium, and often visual equipment.

Common types of events for a Classrom style are:

  • Instructions
  • Training
  • Lectures
  • Significant amount of visual presentations
  • Speaking events


Why Classroom Styles work:

This style allows each attendee the most table space to work at, and gives the presenter or visual presentations the highest attention.  It allows the presenter to have eye contact with each of the attendees.  Use this style for a very focused meeting.  And then, if you wish, have 40 Knots do one of their wine classes after!

When it doesn't work:

Interaction is more difficult and attendees tend not to actively participate.  If you want a more collaborative meeting, choose a different style of set up.