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It's Not Business as Usual at 40 Knots

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Tastings, tours and Wine Wednesdays are temporarily suspended.

Delicious by Nature

Store Hours 11 am - 5 pm Tues-Sun

Experience Old World Traditional - New World Bold wines.  40 Knots is one of the largest wineries on Vancouver Island, farming sustainably and using the best practices from organics, biodynamic and plant-based practices, on 24 stunning acres.  We craft wines distinctly shaped by ocean breeze and sun-soaked climate.  Nestled with a view of the glacier and adjacent to the Salish Sea, enjoy our Cellar Tasting Lounge, Balcony, Vineyard Terrace, and stroll in our vineyard.  Families and dogs are welcome! 

Established in 2005, we grow noble varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gris and Gamay, as well as common hybrids such as Auxerrois, Sieg and Schönberger. 

Come for one of our popular guided tastings, take a stroll, enjoy a flight of red or white, book a ticket to one of our events, and stay for a picnic of local farm fare.

Delicious by Nature

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Our Promise

At 40 Knots, clean ethical wines are a promise.

This guides us in every step we take farming, cellar management, crush pad operation, our store, our delivery to the customer, and our promise to protect the environment. Our goal is to grow ultra-premium grapes on Vancouver Island. Some of the greatest vineyards in the world are grown near oceans with the salt air embedding the Burgundy oak. Great wines are not made in the tank and the barrel. Great wines come from the vineyard.  40 Knots is Delicious by Nature.

Sustainability Promise

40 Knots Sustainability Promise is a promise for today and tomorrow.  We are committed to environmental sustainability and social sustainability.  40 Knots has made strides towards sustainability by evaluating the environmental impact of each process, each procedure, and each purchase before any decisions are made.  Partnering and collaborating with like-minded businesses have been key to success.

40 Knots is committed to continuous certification in Green Tourism, a most relevant and credible recognition that requires continuous improvements and team commitment with considerations from cradle to re-purpose.

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Upcoming Events

From Wine Wednesday to Wine Classes and Special Holiday Celebrations, we hope you join us.

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Delicious by Nature

Experience 40 Knots. Warning: After one of these experiences, your passion for wine will become an obsession.

Experience 40 Knots Winery.

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