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This is the best picnic backpack out there.

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SKU: 82405

This stylish compact bag is insulated to keep your wine chilled, and includes glasses and napkins for 2.

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SKU: 82-409

Protect your beautiful skin with this perfect visor hat for the sun.  These flexible Hat Visors are Anti-UV and wide-brimmed, easy to carry, and a fashion statement at the beach all summer long.   

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You love 40 Knots.  You love other 40 Knots fans.  Let them know you are one of them by placing this magnet on your vehicle, or wherever else a magnet will work!

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The future of textiles is circular. ANIÁN transforms post-consumer textiles into beautiful and functional garments that are truly built to last.

ANIAN is a circular fashion company based on the West Coast of Canada. By giving new life to salvaged natural textiles, we can create in ways that have a positive impact on our shared planet. 

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SKU: Anian

Made of colorful silicone, this ice tray creates eight 2" ice cubes and releases them with a simple twist

You can also freeze fruit or other ingredients inside the cubes

This tray measures 8.75 x 4.5 x 2.25
Dishwasher Safe

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SKU: 107652

Westcoast cedar, naturally anti-bacterial, these boards will show off the finest of a French Baguette or you may use as a charcuterie board.

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SKU: bbc

All natural BBQ Grill Scraper. 

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SKU: 919Copy

An easy way to identify cheese names to guests. Natural edge, 1/4” thick. 2-3/4” x 2-3/4”. Hand wash.

Set of 4.

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Slip into comfort with this ladies' teeshirt, pre-shrunk cotton blend.  

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SKU: ladiestee

The corkscrew favored by servers of fine restaurants with a duo-lever for the longest corks.  Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver.  

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SKU: 25021
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