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This is the best picnic backpack out there.

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This stylish compact bag is insulated to keep your wine chilled, and includes glasses and napkins for 2.

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Protect your beautiful skin with this perfect visor hat for the sun.  These flexible Hat Visors are Anti-UV and wide-brimmed, easy to carry, and a fashion statement at the beach all summer long.   

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You love 40 Knots.  You love other 40 Knots fans.  Let them know you are one of them by placing this magnet on your vehicle, or wherever else a magnet will work!

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Made of colorful silicone, this ice tray creates eight 2" ice cubes and releases them with a simple twist

You can also freeze fruit or other ingredients inside the cubes

This tray measures 8.75 x 4.5 x 2.25
Dishwasher Safe

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Westcoast cedar, naturally anti-bacterial, these boards will show off the finest of a French Baguette or you may use as a charcuterie board.

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All natural BBQ Grill Scraper. 

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The corkscrew favored by servers of fine restaurants with a duo-lever for the longest corks.  Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver.  

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1/3 of the proceeds to the Comox Valley Rotary.

After a life-altering motorcycle accident in Walla Walla Washington, a chance encounter with a dancing Japanese chef draws Avi Sternberg to the ultra-traditional training of a Japanese Kaiseki chef in Northern Japan. Swimming through the knife racks of Japan's most prestigious cooking school and toughest restaurant kitchens for eight years, Avi faces cultural barriers, demanding mentors, and inner demons. Now living on the coast of Northern British Columbia, Avi holds true to the soul of his training while inventing new ways to serve up Japan's traditional dishes to a North American clientele." 

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This stylish muddler crushes herbs and fruits to release flavors and aromas. Comfortable grip and sturdy design make it easier than ever to craft your favorite cocktail.

Stainless steel handle
Sturdy plastic base

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This versatile outdoor set prevents spills and keeps wine within reach. Includes two 12" stemware stakes (one for a friend or two for you) and a footed bottle stake that's great for soil as well as sandy terrain. To customize your picnic experience even further, the bottle stake is adjustable to a 12" or 18" height.

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