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Our Vineyard

There is something very special about our land here.  Just stepping foot onto the property, you can feel it even if you can't explain it.  Our glacier till soil, adjacent to the Salish Sea, makes us indeed a rarity.  Can you taste the difference in our wine?  Indeed you can, but we will let you be the judge of that.  Come take a stroll through our interpretive trail and learn about how we grow.  It is a wonderful walk any day of the year.  If you listen carefully you can hear the sea lions playing, the swallow that adorn are label are soaring above you, and it is quiet enough to hear the lady bugs having a sip of wine.


Photogallery rendered here.


We are on a quest to become certified biodynamic and have followed the practices since new ownership in 2014.  Why?  It just makes sense.  Better wines result from natural growing, our grapes and less susceptable to disease, and it costs less to farm.  Most of all we are very cognicant of our impact on our environment.  We only have one earth and we intend on leaving it better than we found it for our grandchildren.