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Our Vineyards

There is something very special about our land here.  Just stepping foot onto the property, you can feel it even if you can't explain it.  Our glacier till soil, adjacent to the Salish Sea, makes us indeed a rarity.  Can you taste the difference in our wine?  Indeed you can, but we will let you be the judge of that.  Come take a stroll through our interpretive trail and learn about how we grow.  It is a wonderful walk any day of the year.  If you listen carefully you can hear the sea lions playing, the swallow that adorn are label are soaring above you, and it is quiet enough to hear the lady bugs having a sip of wine.

Title: 40 Knots Estate.  The true master of winemaking is the vineyard. Subtitle: Comox Peninsula.  20 Acres Vines.  Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gamay, Auxerrois, Shonberger and Siegerrebe. Orchard Replanting 2021.  Farming: Sustainable Methods. Certified Gold Green Step. Biodynamic methodology. Soil: Glacier deposit and loam. End title: Farming for Tomorrow.

Title: Neighbouring Estate. Just About Ranch.  Subtitle: Comox Peninsula.  4 Acres Vines, Marechal Foch and Castell.  3 Acres Orchard. Honey Crisp, King, Pink Pearl, Liberty and Belle de Boskoop. Farming. Sustainable Methods and Biodynamic Methodology.  Soil. Glacier Deposit and Loam. End Title: Farming for Tradition.

Title: Terranova Estate. Quadra Island. Subtitle: Cape Mudge.  7 Acres Vines. Mrechal Foch, Siegerrebe, Pinot Gris and Gewurtztraminer. 7 Acres Orchard. Chisel Jersey, Tremblettes, Frequin Rouge, Dabinette, Kingston Black, Brown's Apple, Brown's Snout, Ribsten Pippen, Reine Des Pommes, French Cider, Julianna and Pomme Gris.  Farming. Sustainable Methods and Biodynamic Methodology. Soil. Glacier Deposit and Loam. End Title: A Way of Life.

Title: Partnering Estates. Farming Together. Subtitle: Comox Valley.  August Road. Marechal Foch, Pinot Gris and Siegerrebe.  Back Road. Epicure and Siegerrebe.  Greengage. Shonberger, Agria and Cabernet Libre.  Farming. Sustainable Methods and Biodynamic Methodology.  End Title: Farming in Cooperation.

Title: The Swallow. Sub Title: Northern Rough Winged Swallow.  The Northern Rough Winged Swallow adorns our Estate label. These swallows are endemic to our area and they frequent our vineyard. Each year we celebrate their arrival. For us, they are not only our friends but part of our biodynamic crew. Swallows will only live in areas that have biodynamic balance and they are indeed an important part of our balance here at 40 Knots Vineyard. As part of our crew, they are an excellent bug predator, and unlike other birds, they never harm our grapes. 40 Knots Vineyard is surrounded by farming land and swallows always nest near other farm animals. When you are here, you will see the vineyard spotted with the swallow bird houses we have built to keep them safe and give them a home to return to every year.  Swallows are also songbirds, and in keeping a balance it is believed that sound vibrations are important to vine health. Italy has been piping out opera to their vines for many years, and they have shown that the vines closer to the music are the healthiest in the vineyard. At 40 Knots, we do indeed have music in our vineyard terrace for not only our guests to enjoy but to also bring balance to our vineyard. Come see for yourself on a Wine Wednesday and tour our interpretive trail.  40 Knots is just a stone's throw away from the Salish Sea. Our land was created by the glacier and so our soil is glacier till. The rich salt air flows through our vines keeping them healthy, aerated and strong, and the salt air imbeds our oak providing beautiful aging that cannot be accomplished in dry regions. While walking the interpretive trail or sipping on our vineyard terrace or balcony, you can hear the swallows singing alongside the sea lion's barking the arrival of the new day.  Swallows are an important friend of sailors and are believed to be a good omen. Sailors will often get a swallow tattoo to show off their sailing experience. According to one legend, one swallow symbolizes successful journeys adding up to 5,000 nautical miles, two swallows symbolize 10,000 nautical miles, and so on. Another legend is that since swallows always return to the same land each year to mate and nest, the swallow will guarantee the sailor returns home safely. Sailors also believe that if they were to drown, the swallow will carry their soul to heaven.  40 Knots believes that all of us have the right to love and be loved. We believe that we are all equal and we share the responsibility to support this belief. Even our swallows live with this same belief. The female and male swallow not only look almost identical, but they also share in all the responsibilities of the daily chores and protecting their family. Once they mate, they remain loyal which is another quality we give great importance to: loyalty to community; our family; our friends; our environment.  End Title: Farming in Cooperation.

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