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We have exceeded our budget for the year, however if your request is urgently needed for Community Members at Risk, we will consider the request.  Any other requests will be reviewed for next year's budget beginning March 2019.

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Our Commitment to our Community 

40 Knots is committed to our Community specifically the health and environment.  Decisions to which charities and recipients are made by a committee of 40 Knots staff.  Our criteria is

  1. To support non-profit programs working to better the health of community members at immediate risk
  2. To ensure health of our community by caring for our environment

Thank You for thinking of 40 Knots Winery for support of your upcoming event. We recognize your work in improving the lives in our community and thank you in advance for all of your hard work and dedication. To assist us in our difficult selection choices, we kindly ask that you complete our Request for Donation Form. We appreciate every request and acknowledge the heart and soul of every charity.  We reply to all requests within two weeks of receipt.

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