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The top cutting board is hinged to lift up and reveal four brushed stainless steel cheese tools (hard, medium and semi-soft knifes + fork). The tools are held magnetically on an inside board that hinges straight up for easy tool accessibility. Measures closed: 10-1/2" long X 8-1/2" wide X 2" thick.

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Perfect for casual workdays or laid-back weekends, you’ll be reaching for this soft T-shirt every day of the week. What's more, the pre-shrunk fabric and double-needle stitching prevent further shrinkage after use. 

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Clever, tapered design allows even measuring increments with minimal height increase of the cup (as the tapered cup expands outward capacity increases laterally.) Displays (inside and outside) in ounces (0.5 - 2.5 oz - 5 lines), milliliters, and tablespoons. Quantity rings display both inside and outside of the cup. Welded base. 2-5/8” H, 2-1/8” across top.

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Stave off the heat amongst the vines with our fans emblazened with the 40 Knots logo

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Remove bottle caps in a second! The Zap Cap works on all crown cap bottles; alcoholic and soft drinks. Just place over the neck of a bottle and with a simple push, a special spring-loaded mechanism removes caps with the minimum amount of effort.

Stainless steel.  High Quality.

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Your cocktail will be even more delicious sipping out of this classy elegant lotus-shaped cocktail glass.  This is our take on a sophisticated coupe glass and holds 9.5 ounces.  This is the same top-quality glassware that you have known to love in 40 Knots glassware.

Looking for a special cocktail recipe? Check out our recipes HERE.  

Don't forget the jar of Pickled on Grapes, the perfect ingredient in delicious cocktails.

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Classy and earth-friendly, these totes have soft and sturdy rope handles, making them comfortable to carry your bottles of wine. Each bag is made with quality woven jute material and is lined with a thin plastic coating to prevent leaks.

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These stunning wine bottle bags are constructed with a heavy weight carded stock. All of the bags include embellishment that are actual beads, ribbon, buttons, etc. 

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Textured 6 panel adjustable cap.

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If you love dogs and you love wine, here is the perfect calendar to make you smile all year long.

Some of these dogs are BCSPCA rescue dogs - so it is only fitting that partial proceeds from the sale of this calendar are donated to the BCSPCA to help other animals in need. Funds are also donated to the Cure Blau Syndrome Foundation to fund much-needed research in honor of my Troy's daughter Lexi, who joined me on all my winery dog photo tours. www.lexislegacy.com

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Show off your special cheeses when serving on this beautiful natural slate board.  Chill before using to keep softer cheeses cool.

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