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40 Knots presents KAHM Yoga

Breathe in nature, strength and relaxation

Whether you are very practiced or just starting out, we invite you to join us.


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KAHM Yoga is a soulful service offered by instructor Alana Lee Johnson. Alana honors each students journey, time and space while providing a neutral environment whether our practice is amongst the flourishing vines, in the exquisite vineyard terrace or above the cellar hall at Stall Speed. 
Vinyasa & Restorative practices are thoughtfully created to offer you both heat and rest cultivating a balanced body and mind. Alana enjoys theme weaving into her class, so you can expect to work with the elements of air, water, earth and fire as well as balancing your chakras.

Alana is a Certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance International.  She focuses her classes on the practices of 

Flow Yoga

Alignment-Oriented Yoga

Spiritually-Oriented Yoga

Gentle Yoga



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