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Take care of the land

The owners and crew at 40 Knots winery take great care with the land and consider each affect their actions have upon the land.  Farming traditionally and biodynamically is the way of our grandparents.  It just makes good business sense.  It makes the best wine.  Since the farm became biodynamic, the grapes are disease free, the wine tastes better, there is no need to irrigate and the savings have been tremendous.  The owners combine old world traditions with new world technology, and collaborate with businesses that are making a difference.  Whether these are technological advances of soil health determination or wine analysis, 40 Knots is often the chosen business to collaborate with.

It takes a pretty bad wine maker to mess up good grapes

Michael and Layne's philosphy is the same.  Take care the of the grapes, and they will make the wine.  Use little to no intervention.  Do nothing unless you have to.  A definite hands-off approach to wine making.  If you farm well, you never have to "fix" the wine, and so there are no additives to the wine.  40 Knots customer's often thank them because they say they can drink wine again with no adverse symptoms.  40 Knots wine is vegan and gluten free with absolute minimal sulphites.

Take care of your community and they will take care of the world

40 Knots has one of the biggest ratio's of philanthopy of any private business.  Not only are the owners involved in many community organizations, they have a committment to the community to help those in immediate risk.  Not only are their charitable donations generous, they also commit to hiring those community members at risk themselves.