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40 Knot's very own Pickled on Grapes "Indian spices with sweet plump grapes leading to a long lingering finish.".  These delights are delicious on a cheese plate, in a duck sauce, cranberry sauce, or Christmas cake.  Which is all nice, but you really have to try it in a cocktail!

Pickled on Grapes is doing for cocktails, what the bean did for the Caesar.

If you are looking to spice up a cocktail party, look no further.  Enjoy the Top 12 cocktail recipes submitted in a National Cocktail Contest by Nimble Bar Co.  

The Raisin' Star

by Romain Saenger

40 Knots Winds

by Jason Odense

Bird Song

by Mike Shum

Comox Car Crash

by Ian Reinders

Farmhand HighBall

by Mike Norbury

Flight of the Concord

by Danika McDowell

Garden Party

by Kat Sears

Ketchup and Mustard

by Matt Hassen


The Coronations Cannons

by Jonathon Carlisle

The Grogham Jacket

by Laura Carbonell

Victoria Noir

by Meg Field

Viridis by Raven Alexis Dales Ford Ruckles