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Walter Hetman

Walter Hetman, father to Brenda and Layne Craig moved to Courtenay BC with his beautiful wife Rose Hetman in 2015. When Brenda and Layne purchased the winery it also opened up a door for Walter and Rose to move from Fort St John, B.C where they had lived their whole lives. Walter used to own a welding company where he worked day in day out. When he wasn’t welding he was farming. Walter sure does love his tractors and you can usually find his 1956 John Deer modelled at the winery. He is very proud to be part of the Courtenay Tractor Club where he has met many farming friends.  Here at 40 Knots Winery Walter is very committed to caring for the farm animals and maintaining the vineyard with Layne. Walters heart has always been on the farm and it shines through his work.