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Our Team

Meet the people who keep 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery running.

We work collaboratively with our team, other wineries and other farms and manufacturers to support one another to achieve our Mission and Vision.  We are accountable for our environmental footprint and consider how every facet of our business affects the community.  We adhere to ethical principles and we are transparent in our farming and production.

Early in 2014, Layne was googling something about his plane that stalled at 40 Knots.  He clicked on a link and saw a winery in Comox for sale called 40 Knots.  With both Brenda and Layne in the corporate world for many years they had been looking to change lifestyles to their original roots of a farming life.  Vancouver Island just happened to be their place of choice.  

Once Layne and Brenda stepped on the property at 40 Knots, the decision was made.  This is where they wanted to be.  It felt right.  By July 4, 2014 Brenda and Layne were the new owners and set to take this turnkey operation to stock sell-out in the first year.

Now entering their fourth year of ownership and hands on operations, when asked, if you knew then what you know now, would you have still bought the vineyard and winery?  Brenda and Layne say "absolutely".  This is where home is. This is where all feels right and all feels peaceful.   This is where there are like-minded people, and this is where the beauty is endless.  This is where dreams can come true.  

40 Knots has two brands:

40 Knots labels is adorned with the Northern Rough Winged Swallows that frequent the vineyard and beacon to the sailors that they are near home. Rightly named for Vancouver Island grown grapes. 

Stall Speed label is high above the clouds.  Wanting a second label from 40 Knot's Estate Wines, these BC grapes are purchased from reputable and ethical growers.  These wines bring the same thrill and sense of adventure as being in a stall where the wings of the plane give up lift and all is at zero... all is quiet.. for that moment.   


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