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Our Commitment to Sustainability 

Image of Locally Sustainable Economic Distribution Chart: Costs of Goods Sold: Spend 33.3%.  Employee Wages: Spend 30.7%.   Local Investment: Spend 20.8%.  Advertising, promo & donations: Spend 3.9%. Operating Expenses: Spend 1.9%.  Commissions, including credit card fees: Spend 1.6%. Insurance: Spend 1.5%.  Licenses: Spend 1.4%.  Utilities: Spend 1.3%.  Vehicle Operations: Spend 1.1%.  Repairs & Maintenance: Spend 1.1%.  Property Tax: Spend 0.8%. Professional Fees: Spend 0.7%.  Sub Title: Economic Benefit Distribution.  Comox Valley - 79.5%.  Other BC - 19.5%.  Other Canada - 0.6%.  USA - 0.4%.    40 Knots Winery is committed to environmentally, socially and economically viable business practices.

Sustainability is a responsibility and a mission that 40 Knots uses in all decision-making. Our vision statement is to: Support social programs bettering the health of community members at immediate risk.  Support environment sustainability project.  Support those making a big impact in supporting our Culture and Heritage.  40 Knots supports the following organizations.  For Social Sustainability: Rotary, Dawn to Dawn Homes for the Homeless, YANA - You Are Not Alone, Pacific Autism Family Centre Saccomanics and Royal Canadian Air Cadets.  For Environmental Sustainability: Project Watershed and Local Hero's Environmental Award.  For Culture and Heritage Sustainability: PRISMA

Registered Non-Profit Organization Requests:

Thank you for making a difference to those in our community through your work. 

At 40 Knots, we receive a lot of requests, and while we can not contribute to each request, we do carefully review each one.  Our Social Sustainability goal at 40 Knots is to help those community members at immediate risk.  If your charity has the same goal, your request will be reviewed and a contribution will be determined.  Please note that our annual budget is January through December.  We ask that you allow 7 working days for our decision.

We regret we are unable to contribute to other causes.  While we recognize your charity's importance to our community, we have made the difficult decision to focus our attention on this one goal.

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